About Rishmac Co.

Our motto always is respecting to customers tastes In order to this, we use the latest scientific findings to obtain the natural , organic and best quality raw material and it’s preservation and processing based on international standards. Natural licorice product are derived from the roots of licorice or Glycyrrhiza genus of plants .Roots are collected ٫ cleaned and dried .Processing licorice root begins with shredding the root to matchstick size Licorice solids are then extracted from the shredded root with hot water . After filtration and evaporation ٫ the concentrated licorice extract is converted into a powder or block form depending on the customer٫s requierments

A diverse range of our products such as spray dried licorice extract and licorice extract block have drawn attention of national markets to itself.
The state of the art quality control center has expert staff and complete testing equipments to guarantee our products.

Managing Director’s Message

I do really appreciate my God for his mercy which paved our enlightened path toward the highest levels of Excellency via bestowing his strength and knowledge to our family in Rishmac co. This progressive effort is the result of adherence to our commitments against excellent transcendental values in reply to our social responsibilities Our qualified and reliable experts are considered to be the most valuable and vital capital of the company which bring about satisfaction for our clients.

Ceaseless endeavor in this arena has taught us to be ever innovative and be prepared for anything and turn threats to opportunities with a synergistic and dynamic teamwork toward deeper understanding from customers’ needs and ultimately providing the best feasible and economic solution.

A.A. Molaei

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